Lauryn Holcomb

Lauryn Holcomb 903-355-0057 REALTOR

License # 727048

I was raised on a Hunt County ranch where my family reared Texas Longhorn cattle. My uncle is a home builder and while growing up I watched the home-building process and attended open houses. From that time Real Estate has always been something I loved! I fit and showed Longhorns all over the country all through high school until I went to college.

I graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and began a successful career in Law Enforcement. For six years I enjoyed working closely with individuals and families to find resolution from the start of their case until the end. It was rewarding to see that they had closure or peace with the problems or traumas they had to deal with. I also loved being free to travel inside that community to meet people and watch out for them. When I was investigating I especially liked interviewing people. I’m just fascinated with personalities and other people’s point of view. If I had to choose what I most enjoyed about my time in law enforcement it would be when I was investigating I loved the challenge and journey of collecting and finding information and ultimately getting to that final solution.

After my husband Mark and I had our first child, I knew I wanted to find a career that would allow me to spend more time with my family while still having the ability to help people. Many of my passions and strengths are being placed at the forefront as a Realtor and easily make the transition from investigation to real estate transaction. I pride myself in being honest, concise, straight forward and one of the hardest working people you will know. I will count it a success when you are happy with my service!

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7902 Traders Circle,A,Greenville,Texas,United States,75402