#1 GET EDUCATED Take a home buyer education course to make sure you are ready to buy a home. TSAHC has a great program ar www.texasfinancialtoolbox.com

#2 HOW MUCH CAN YOU AFFORD? Create a budget with a mortgage payment that makes you comfortable.

#3 GET APPROVED Shop around for a reputable lender. Usually, your Real Estate Agent has several they could recommend.

#4 WHAT KIND OF HOME TO BUY? Make a list of features and must-have items you need and want in a home

#5 SHOP FOR A HOME Call one of our agents, set up some showings. Take your time, take notes and ask questions as you view the homes for sale.

#6 MAKE AN OFFER Work with your REALTOR and submit a signed proposal specifying the purchase price, terms, and conditions to the seller

#7 GET A HOME INSPECTION. Once you are under contract on a home hire a trusted inspector. A home inspector will examine the home’s condition and alert you to any issues that may be present in the home!

#8 COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR LENDER Send your lender your contract and get all items they request from you in a timely manner to not cause closing delays.

#9 GET HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE This will be required by your lender. Not all insurances are built the same, shop around and find one that suits your needs.

#10 CLOSE ON YOUR NEW HOME Closing day is when the seller receives the funds from your lender, signs the deed to the property, and hands you the keys at the title company!!