A Day in the Life..Unexpected Opportunity to Save a Boy’s House

A Day in the Life..Unexpected Opportunity to Save a Boy’s House

While at the Hunt County foreclosure auction on Tuesday, I saw a couple frantically looking for “The Trustee.” They asked everyone who passed by on the 2nd-floor lobby, “Are you the trustee?” It seemed they had not been to a Trustee’s Sale before and didn’t understand how it worked. I was there waiting on my trustee, along with another bidder. We all started to chat and found out the story of this couple and why they were looking for The Trustee. I realized I could help them. I explained to them how the auction worked and that there wasn’t one single trustee; it depended on the property. I asked them if they had a copy of the Notice of Trustee Sale, and they proceeded to pull out a screenshot of the notice on the woman’s cell phone. These notices usually have a phone number or a trustee company name listed, but this one did not, so the digging began.

This couple’s story was that their son’s home was getting foreclosed on even though his grandmother left the home to him. The family was refinancing it when they found out it was getting foreclosed on sooner than they thought. After speaking with the mortgage company, the couple came to the sale to see if the house received any bids. In response to the situation, I started digging and got several phone numbers for possible trustees based on all of the names on the notice they provided me. After about an hour of phone calls, we were able to locate the right person. The woman was speaking to the trustee company and walked away down a hall. I stayed sitting on the cold marble floor waiting for my trustee. Minutes later, she came back covered in goosebumps and was almost in tears. My heart leaped. I wondered, “Are these sad or happy tears?” She then told us she talked to the right person and got the sale postponed! Her son wouldn’t be homeless. The other bidder started clapping and congratulating them. It was an exciting time at the foreclosure auction! After the couple left, the other bidder said he planned on bidding on that property but said to me, “What you just did was amazing! You are a hero!” Foreclosure auctions are not usually very exciting. It’s very uncommon for there to be praise or joy at these events. The other buyer said, “I am happier that they got to keep the home than I would have been if I had won the bid to own it!” I don’t think of the trustee sale as a happy place for the homeowners, but this experience has changed my perspective.

Trustee Sale: A Day in the Life…

Trustee Sale: A Day in the Life…

From the perspective of Emily, who had never experienced a trustee sale and accompanied Ashley to the courthouse:

On a rainy Tuesday in downtown Greenville, Ashley Hammons of AT Home Texas Real Estate climbs up to the second story of the courthouse. She has general knowledge about the properties she is bidding on and has run a preliminary title search. In hand, she has cashier’s checks for many different amounts and some cash (in a previous experience she almost lost the bid because she didn’t have any small bills and a bystander gave her one dollar to win). In her stomach are butterflies, she shared she always gets nervously excited even though she has done this so many times.

This process is a waiting game. In Hunt County, Texas, you have a three-hour window when the trustees can appear. They either announce themselves loudly, or they can be sneaky, possibly hiding behind a fake plant or other decor and whispering about the property with the hope no one hears. During this waiting game, other bidders mill around and try to get you to share which properties you are there to purchase so they know if you are the competition. Ashley sits on the cold marble floor and keeps her files and the homes she wants to bid on close to her chest, not fully answering the questions asked by the curious investors present. Each person walking by draws Ashley’s stare, wondering if they are simply an attorney going to court or a trustee she needs to follow.

After an hour in, the trustee for one of the properties Ashley is interested in bidding on shows up and runs the auction. Six people gather around, and the bidding starts. Ashley counters the bank’s starting bid by just $30 and wins the house in a few seconds. The Trustee and Ashley sit on a nearby church-like bench in the foyer of the courthouse and complete the paperwork for the real estate transfer. She ruffles through her stack of cashier’s checks and cash to find just the right amount. The paperwork and exchange take less than ten minutes, and the property is hers. Then the waiting game for the other two properties on her list begins. In this case, Ashley waits two more hours to have the other trustees cancel their auction.

Relax, You’re in Good Hands with the Best Real Estate Agents in Greenville Texas

Relax, You’re in Good Hands with the Best Real Estate Agents in Greenville Texas

Why AT Home Texas Real Estate is the Best Choice for You

There are lots of real estate agents out there, so what makes AT Home Texas Real Estate the best choice for you? First and foremost, we know the Greenville and the Hunt County area like the back of our hand. Whether you’re looking to buy a home in one of Greenville’s historic neighborhoods or sell your house in the fast-growing country properties, we can help. Our deep knowledge of the Greenville Texas Real Estate market means that we can help you find or sell your home quickly and for top dollar. 

In addition to our local expertise, we’re also experienced negotiators. When it comes to real estate in Greenville Texas, nothing is more important than getting the best possible price. Whether you’re buying a home and need to get the seller to come down on their asking price or selling your home and trying to get the buyer to up their offer, we know how to get the job done. Our proven negotiation skills will save you time and money, guaranteed.

Finally, we genuinely care about our clients and always put their needs first. We’ll be with you every step of the way, from your very first showing all the way through closing day. And even after you’ve moved into your new home or sold your old one, we’ll still be here for you if you have any questions or need any assistance. AT Home Texas Real Estate is more than just a business—we’re your neighbors and friends, here to help however we can. 

When it comes time to buy or sell a home in Greenville Texas, make sure you call AT Home Texas Real Estate. Our experience, local knowledge, and dedication to our clients are second to none, and we’ll work tirelessly to make sure your home buying or selling experience is as smooth as possible. Give us a call today—we can’t wait to work with you!

Real Estate in Hunt County Texas, and Greenville Texas

Real Estate in Hunt County Texas, and Greenville Texas

The housing market is being directly impacted by the Fed’s strong monetary policy, which is relieving the pandemic-caused housing frenzy. Let us see what is happening in Hunt County and Greenville Texas!

The housing market is still being dragged down by aggressive monetary policy, which has stopped the previously torrid streak of home sales. As home inventories increase and home prices decline, the housing market continues to exhibit symptoms of relaxation. The increased demand for buildings shows that many potential homebuyers may be delaying their major purchases despite a decline in construction permits across the state.

In the previous year, mortgage interest rates increased by 2.84 up 5.22 percent. Texas’ home market immediately reduced sales amid these significant rate increases, and supply has been steadily building up. Despite the decline, prices still are high and stock levels are well below historical levels. Even while costs have decreased recently, they are still extremely high when compared to before the outbreak. Texas’ median price is still 11.4% more than it was a year ago as of August.

Regarding Hunt County & Greenville, Texas, the market for real estate has had various difficulties. Let us find out what the latest market reports and updates are:

Situation till October 2022:

Hunt County sellers are still witnessing a good increase in price even though other indicators indicate toward a cooling market, even though the local property market is characterized as “a shifting market.”

According to a Redfin analysis, house sales in Hunt County in August had a median value of $305,000, a 22.9% increase over the same month last year. Homes in HuntCounty typically sell within 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) on the market as opposed to 22 days (about 3 weeks) the year before. In August of this year, 155 properties were sold, compared to 172 in August of last year. Hunt County’s short average time on the market for homes suggests that the sellers’ market will continue to be robust.

A group of economists from the Dallas Federal Reserve published a paper in March that claimed the local housing market was in the initial stages of a bubble. Due to sellers’ concern that they would miss the hot market, there are 41% more houses listed for sale now than there were two weeks earlier in the DFW area, where home sales have increased. M&D realtors only recently reported observing more indications of a cooling market, including open houses that had little to no attendees, a slowdown in the flow of offers, and an increase in the number of vacant homes. In Rockwall County, there were 100% more houses listed for sale in the last month than there were at the same time last year.

It should be noted that, according to M&D research, mortgage demand has decreased to its lowest level since 2018, with 14% fewer persons applying than at the same period last year. Additionally, rates of interest have been climbing, with the 30-year bond presently hovering at 5.5% since December 2021, up from 3.29%. Naturally, buyers may still encounter soaring prices, but you might be up against fewer bidders and proposals than they were for just a home even a few months ago. Inventory sales will increase over the following few months, providing more possibilities for purchases.

The market remains favorable for sellers despite recent indications of a slowdown, in part because of ongoing population increase and other considerations.


Why Now is the Perfect Time to Sell

Don’t sleep on listing your Hunt County home for sale while the market is still in your favor.

If you’re looking to list your home for sale in Hunt County, it has never been a better time. However, it won’t be a seller’s market forever. Here are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to sell your Hunt County and Greenville, Texas real estate.

Supply is low and buyer demand is high

At the height of the pandemic, there was a surge in demand for homes, and that demand has yet to wane. Following a 2020 and 2021 buying frenzy, the supply of available homes is dwindling, but the demand for those homes is still as high as it was in early 2020. If you are looking to sell Greenville, Texas real estate, strike while the iron is still hot!

Real estate prices are high

Home prices in the United States hit a record high in May of this year when the median home price tipped just above $400,000. Prices are projected to remain high throughout the fall season and into the holiday season of 2022. Even though interest rates have risen and home sales have slowed somewhat, overall home prices remain high, but they may not stay there forever. 

Rents continue to rise and buying is an attractive option

With rents increasing across the United States, buying has never been a favorable option meaning you’ll have an endless pool of interested buyers. Overall, the US saw an average median rent increase of 13.4%–higher than the rate of inflation. Though home prices have also surged, rental prices have increased beyond the median mortgage payment rate making the buying versus renting debate a no-brainer. The swelling of rental prices has buyers looking for homes for sale in Hunt County and opting for smaller markets like Greenville, Texas real estate.
If you’re thinking about selling your Greenville, Texas real estate, now might be just the right time. The team at AT Home Texas Real Estate has years of experience helping sellers navigate the entire selling process from listing and vetting buyers to negotiating and closing. Let the AT Home Texas Real Estate team take care of the fine details while you relax and let the offers roll in.

A Guide to Local Architectural Styles in Greenville, Texas

A Guide to Local Architectural Styles in Greenville, Texas

There are many architectural styles that dominate the Greenville, Texas real estate scene. Though charming historical homes may be few and far between, downtown Greenville real estate still plays host to its share of charming Victorian and Early American homes. If you prefer a newer build, you’ll be delighted to find a number of ranches and single-family homes in Greenville, too.

Siding, Brick, and Stone Single Family Homes

There are an array of siding, brick, and stone single-family homes for sale in Hunt County, Texas and the surrounding counties. These types of homes run the gamut from multi-story mansions with multiple bedrooms and ample land area to small properties nestled inside neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a newer build in your search for homes for sale in Greenville, Texas, single-family homes with brick or siding are typically your best bet.

Ranch Homes

Nothing says Texas quite like a ranch-style home boasting large, open living spaces with wooden beams and accents. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Greenville, Texas, you’ll be pleased to find many suitable ranch-style homes. 

Early American

Homes built in the early to mid-twentieth century are often referred to as Early American style homes. Homes of this style have a range of accents and architectural details depending on the time period in which they were built. They’re also chock full of charm. If you prefer a home with old-world charm, start your search for an Early American home in Greenville, Texas with help from the AT Home Texas team.